Reading Interventions, Strategies for Learning Disabilities, Enrichment, Study Skills


Students may receive assistance in any of the following areas:

Reading Remediation – Many students who have struggled in reading, and may have been labeled dyslexic, are in need of explicit instruction that is frequent, consistent and multi-sensory. Multi-sensory therapies employ added sensory input to research-based instruction in phonemic awareness, phonic and structural analysis, word identification, fluency, and comprehension. These therapies require extensive training on the part of the educator, and time spent in these sessions will help facilitate all other areas of study.

Math Interventions – Students who find math challenging, or who describe it as being like a ‘foreign language’, are in need of regular, explicit instruction that addresses the gaps in their understanding. For many students, individualized instruction is the key to making math make sense.

Strategies and Study Skills – For students who have learning disabilities, schoolwork is simply more challenging. Specific learning strategies are taught to these students so that their precious time is spent working on the material that needs to be studied, rather than spent tracking down their books, or procrastinating. Some students who have been diagnosed as attention-disordered may benefit from the same strategies. For over six years, I have supported students in this way at the college level, specifically students attending the University of Puget Sound.

Enrichment – If a student’s classroom environment leaves little time for creative pursuits, guidance in challenging projects and/or self-directed learning goals can be provided for these students, who are often neglected in the traditional school day.

Test Prep – Study materials and test preparation are provided to students who are taking the GED, or the SAT.

Advocacy – For families who need thoughtful, personalized care in choosing schools, programs or curricula for their children. For support during school meetings, including IEP planning.

Evaluation – Informal assessments to determine achievement in one or more content areas are available. This includes families who are homeschooling and need to report achievement to the state. Screenings for reading and other learning disabilities can be given, or analysis of previous testing can be done.

Most sessions are held in my home office, located in Tacoma, WA

Please call me at 253-579-6467. I look forward to hearing from you!

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