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Foreign Languages for Students with Learning Disabilities?

Foreign Languages for Students with Learning Disabilities?

On high school and college campuses across the country, students struggle with foreign language classes. For those students with phonological weaknesses, print disabilities or reading fluency issues, the frustration can be overwhelming. Collaborating with the language teacher and the special educator on site can smooth the often rocky road of language acquisition. Occasionally, a student may substitute a foreign culture class, if the language disability is severe.

The article provides many useful tips – take a look!

Local Event

IDA-Washington Branch.

March 17th in Renton, WA. This workshop is for educators and family members alike, cosponsored by OSPI, the Association of Educational Service Districts, and WABIDA.

Check it out – and if you go, let me know what you learned!



Worth Checking Out

Lots of fad reading therapies have come and gone, but a new font designed for dyslexic readers is very intriguing.

It will not remedy a reader’s weak phonological processing, but the visual differences in each letter could be very helpful.

Check it out: Bold Stroke: New Font Helps Dyslexics Read [Slide Show]: Scientific American.

For around $100, I might have to try it out! Watch this space….

More Helpful Resources

One in Seven – Learning Disabilities Association of America.

This tab from the Learning Disabilities Association of America is a helpful one for families who may be new to the world of learning disabilities. The first step to getting help for your child is to be informed.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Local Events

This month, two events sponsored by the Washington Branch of the International Dyslexia Association may be of interest to you.

Educators and parents alike are welcome to join members of IDA at a screening of the HBO Documentary “Journey into Dyslexia” (Oct. 13th) and a lecture on fluency by Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D. (Oct. 29).

Details can be found at the link below.

IDA-Washington Branch.


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